Programs and Services


Rosamund Zander engages small groups in a transformational conversation that shifts the way participants think, feel, speak, and act. The work is supplemented by individualized coaching such that participants emerge with a clear purpose, ready to set out on a new journey with a light step.

The sessions are designed to enhance transformation and connection. Groups are limited to twelve participants, an optimal number for undertaking this work. Meetings take place in Roz's private home on a tree-lined street, are fully catered, and include interludes of relaxation to facilitate integration of new experiences.

Each weekend includes a musical event, either a rehearsal or a concert conducted by Benjamin Zander. Ben will also join the group for a conversation during the course of the weekend.

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Rosamund Zander creates customized workshops and visioning sessions that train leaders to take 100% responsibility for the spirit and productivity of their employees, as well as for the long-term evolution of their company. Her method is to transform, systematically, the subtexts and agendas that negatively affect the workplace. Individualized coaching, program materials and comprehensive follow-up mechanisms support a vital, self-sustaining culture of Possibility.


The Accomplishment Group program offers a powerful group model for facilitating significant personal and organizational change. The format consists of carefully sequenced exercises that guide members to craft and execute projects using principles from The Art of Possibility.


In this model, a leadership team advances the company’s mission through committing to a joint project that is undertaken using the Accomplishment Group model described above.